Stargazing Adventures

bringing the night sky to you!

Private astronomy instruction by astronomer, author, and TV personality John Mosley

That was a wonderful show on the Apollo program. It brought back memories. Thanks for inviting me to participate. -- Buzz Aldrin, astronaut

Many thanks for the views through your fine telescope. You're welcome back anytime. -- Ed Abbey, author

Thank you for your production expertise; well done. -- Carl Sagan, astronomer

You have a wonderful voice. -- John Travolta, actor

That was great! -- Meg Ryan, actress

Let's do it again ["Leviathan" planetarium production, 1985] -- Ray Bradbury, author

Thank you so much. I really liked your presentation. -- Tom Hanks, actor

Developing "Return"with you was a great learning experience.  -- Morton Subotnick, composer

John Mosley was an astronomer and educator at planetariums in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles from 1977 until 2006, and he specialized in presenting astronomical concepts to the public. He is now currently traveling the country in his motorhome with his wife Barbara and a portable telescope, conducting stargazing sessions for individuals and groups. When in your area, he is available to help you learn about and understand the sky.

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John's is based in St. George, Utah, but travels extensively. Contact him to learn his current location and availability.

John writes a weekly Sky Report for the Stellar Vista Observatory in Kanab, Utah, and you can access at  It's updated on Sunday evenings. Bookmark it and check it weekly.

John does not receive postal mail regularly while not in St. George. Contact him by emailing "john" followed by the "at" symbol and "StargazingAdventures_dot_org".