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John's Astronomy Books

John has written five astronomy books, not counting compilations and different editions. You will find them at at (this link will take you directly to John's books) and elsewhere.

John's first book was The Christmas Star, published by the Griffith Observatory in 1987 and apparently no longer available from Griffith. John wrote this short 87-page souvenir book to accompany the revised Christmas Star planetarium show, which John wrote and produced and which was presented annually for more than 20 years. John became an authority on the Christmas Star, aka The Star of Bethlehem, and wrote several articles on it (sample article), and appeared in several TV documentaries.
The Ultimate Guide to the Sky was written at the request of Lowell House Publishers (since purchased by Random House) in 1997. It's a children's guide to the sky. Carol Lyon did a great job of illustrating it. A special feature is an included rotating star finder (planisphere) which kids could detach, assemble, and use outdoors at night.
The title says it all: Stargazing for Beginners: A User-Friendly Guide for Locating and Understanding Constellations, the Sun, the Moon, Eclipses, and More. This 1999 book is a general introduction to the sky for armchair and naked-eye observers.
John's favorite book is Stargazing with Binoculars and Telescopes: A User-Friendly Guide for Locating Planets, Stars, and Deep Space Objects, published by Lowell House in 1998. Again, the title pretty well says it all.

The two "stargazing" books were combined into one and reissued by Barnes & Noble a few years later.

Starry Night is the most popular desktop-planetarium computer software, and it can do truly amazing things. John's Starry Night Companion has been included with each copy sold since 2000. It's not a manual on how to use the software (that's a different book), but a guide to understanding the sky and especially to understanding its many motions using the software. From the blurb on the back cover: "Written by a leading astronomy writer, Starry Night Companion teaches you about the night sky and covers everything from observing the planets to touring through the constellations."

In 2001 this book was re-released in a hardbound edition with a CD included.

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